CELEIA CELJE - The Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004 with the main mission to initiate, develop and promote contemporary visual arts in the local, regional and international context, as well as to re-articulate and re-contextualize the heritage of local artistic practices that form the foundations of the Centre’s activity.

As it is situated merely an hour from the capital city of Ljubljana, and is one of the most representative institutions for the production and display of contemporary visual arts in Slovenia, the Centre represents a creative hub devoted to arts, culture and theory, and is experienced in the specific conditions of the current social, political, and economic situation. Under the auspices of the City Council of Celje and its Cultural Department, the Centre has been actively engaged in the project-based cultural programming in cooperation with partners across the region and beyond.

The Centre for Contemporary Art Celje consists of three exhibition venues in the downtown Celje area: Gallery of Contemporary Art (since 1993), Likovni salon (Likovni Salon Gallery, since 1963), and Galerija Racka (Racka Gallery, since 2006). One of the Centre’s activities is its AIR CELEIA programme initiated in 2005. The AIR programme emerged as a result of the need for a more active flow of people and ideas in the field of culture and art in Celje. The programme is conceived in a way that encourages artists in residence to create ties and actively participate in the local community, as well as enable local artists to work in a foreign environment. This provides them with new contacts and new models of production and presentation. The residency programme is based on mobility, inter-disciplinarity, participation, and builds a dialogue and cooperation between artists as well as between art and the broader community. It is based on the contemporary models of artist residencies that are no longer isolated artist communes but dynamic and linking forms of creativity within an urban environment.

The main idea of AIR CELEIA is to connect the artists and the city in a new, unexpected way and provide a situation in which professionals from different fields of city development (urban planning, tourism, architecture, leisure activities, social programmes, technological park projects) – who do usually not work with artists (and vice versa) - experience a fundamental change in their mindset and working practice (as a result of the project). It is our presumption that contemporary visual art carries all the characteristics of an extended definition of cultural resources that has been coming into general use over the last few years (for instance the “cultural planning” concept ). Contemporary art is interdisciplinary, hybrid, holistic, integrated, innovative, provocative, participatory, investigative, and ecologically aware and engaged; it deals with the lives of ordinary people, political conflicts, global warming, social inequalities or intercultural dialogue.

As such, it could be an ideal mediator in linking various sectors, a connection between the different fields of human performance. However, because it remains trapped in the distribution channels of the art system, communication between contemporary art and other cultural sectors remained on the level of a traditional relationship between art and society.

Resident artists receive an opportunity to present their work publicly at the CCA CELEIA as lectures, projections, public discussions, exhibitions and performances. 
They are also encouraged to realise their work in the public spaces of Celje and its sourounding .

The selection process is both by invitation and application. 

Accommodation information

Studio apartment 80 m2 in the cultural distict /historical centre of Celje, walking distance from Centre's exhibition spaces. The apartment has one bedroom, fully equiped kitchen, living room/studio space, internet access. Guest are expected to bring their own computers. 


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